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The project was born in the spring of 2014 under unusual circumstances. Kayse Jama, a refugee from Somalia via many other countries and myself, an immigrant from Romania via many other countries were sitting on the grass
of a Portland golf course recording an audio testimony.

Neither of us knew anything about golf. We had to frequently change places, to avoid being hit by golf balls.

Kayse was speaking about the only photo he had from back home. It was taken when Kayse as an eight year old left his nomadic shepherd life and came to the capital city of Mogadishu to become a student. As Kayse was telling the story of the photo I was watching the sportily clad individuals with their shiny clubs and I was thinking how odd  the combination between this green golf course in America and our individual immigrant stories is, but also how memorable.

This dissonance between where we started and where we are now is so profound that it resembles a dream or perhaps a nightmare. Here we are, a shepherd boy from Africa and a young  communist pioneer from East Europe nostalgically reminiscing and avoiding golf balls.